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The "Her"story of San Diego County National Organization for Women: 

Twenty-five years of feminism, 1970-1995

The feminist movement started in New York in 1970 but quickly spread across the US, where women from all walks of life mobilized to vote, work, and have control over their own bodies. 


San Diego was no exception. Our early feminists such as Jennifer Coburn, Karen Boutilier, Laura Warner, Amy Koumaras, Deborah Blake, Jennifer Johnson, Kathleen Haney, Julie Markey, Sandra Smullen and more, organized the first San Diego Chapter early in 1970. Taking on male-dominated politics, media, workplaces and even the medical establishments, these San Diego mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives, pioneered the way you see job descriptions in the newspaper, how politicians speak, and how judges act in court.


Though the book is long out of print, you can still get our rich herstory at local libraries, and you can buy a copy at the Women's History Museum bookstore during a SD Area NOW chapter meeting. 

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