1. Reproductive Justice

We are dedicated to the mission of holding onto and increasing a woman's right to choose. With the recent attacks on Planned Parenthood and the removal of international assistance, we renew our pledge to fight for a woman's right to choose. 

2. Sexual Assault on College Campuses

We are working on key positions within the San Diego college system doing outreach, educational training and working to encourage women to understand that No means NO! We are looking for students that are currently enrolled in any of the UC, SDSU or Community College's who would like to work with our chapter on this initiative.

3. Human Trafficking in San Diego

San Diego is 13th on the FBI list for trafficking. We are working with key individuals in San Diego County y to educate and advocate for individuals being brought across our open border.  

4. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

We are working with key individuals in San Diego County and nationally to bring the updated language of the ERA into ratification in all states. 

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